Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Friends" Exhibit at the Artery

I have a friend Sara Post, whom I've mentioned before (and am likely to mention again). We met in 2005 at the very first SoulCollage®
Facilitator's Training in the mountains above Santa Cruz, CA. When we discovered that we were both artists, had both lived in the same town for many years and shared a love and appreciation for all things mythological and archetypal, we became good friends and have been exchanging ideas, art and artistic adventures ever since. Recently she asked me to participate in a show at a local cooperative gallery, the Artery. Her subject line of the e-mail read "Friends Show at the Artery." I love the magic of artists' friendships and the art that comes out of them, so I agreed. The show opens this Friday, April 9th at the Artery in Davis, CA and runs through April 20th. There will be an exciting range of work, including not only wall artists but also fabric, ceramic, glass, wood, and jewelry artisans. The following are a few of the other participants: Melissa Wood (oil and graphite), Stella Stevens (water color), Judy Catambay (clay), Anne Syer (giclee print), Naoko Bautista (oil), Beth Grundvig (pastel), Pam Berry (fiber art) and Pat Meade (woven Alpaca).

Pictured above: In Balance, 2010, Hannah Hunter


  1. Boy, a lot to see. Nice to see it will be there for about two weeks! I hope I get to see it. Yes, nice to see a group of Friends showing together.

  2. Thanks--I just got the e-mail from the gallery with the complete list of names-impressive!

  3. Thats great Hannah really exciting .......all the best with it .........Lorna

  4. As someone who is not an artist per se, I enjoy going to the Artery and savoring each artist's workmanship, color, materials. It takes me a while to get through an opening. To say nothing of what the pieces make me feel.