Friday, April 1, 2011

New Leaf on Life

This little panel is going on view next week at one of my favorite local art spots,  The Artery. I've been experimenting with collage on hardboard panels, creating rectangles of stacked horizontal strips of paper juxtaposed with rectangles of various shapes and sizes.

These short stacks are reminiscent of books, books that I pile by my nightstand in hopes of making my way through them, one by one, before I fall asleep at night.
Arbor Vitae, ©2011, Hannah K. Hunter, 8" x 8," Collage (paper, leaf, watercolor)

The title, Arbor Vitae, or tree of life,  refers to my obsession with the Tree of Life and also makes an allusion to the way in which Jews refer to the Torah as "Etz Chaim,"  the tree of life.

I've noticed that with the advent of Facebook and blogs, it's harder and harder to sustain my attention on a single book. I'm working on that, focusing more on the books surrounding my bed and a little less with the omnipresent white rectangle on my kitchen table. Books: sweet trees of life.


  1. This is beautiful Hannah. The papers look like cloth to me! Of course I see a quilt! ;-))
    I'll have to visit the Artery to see your exhibit there! Bravo!

  2. I like everything about this piece...the colors are beautifully vivid, the stacks and the stark Tree of Life. I remember the Artery...great place to show and this piece will easily be a stand-out.

  3. ah so true - I feel like when I'm "working" on papers and such that it is really hard to set limitations on all the other on-line activities. I cant wait for summer when I can just step away a little! One thing I'm really excited about is reading a non-psychology or sociology related book!

    This art piece is wonderful, I love the layers.

  4. This is a beautiful piece; I love the way you've made four quarters of the space and filled each one with a different expression, all filled with warmth.
    I too am not reading as clearly or as much as I used to, and regret it deeply. My piles of books, in the living room and at my bedside, get taller. But it's such a comfort to see them there and the reading that I do, however limited, is a great pleasure.

  5. a really great collage!
    I like them very much!

  6. I love the colors in this piece Hannah...they feel so joyful, a new leaf on life indeed!

  7. And....I must add that as spring nears I am feeling more and more inclined toward diving in again to collage...we'll see...but I do feel inspired looking at your etz chayyim.

  8. Hello Hannah. Such a colorful piece. It reminded me of the satellite maps I've seen of Israel, the layers of earth, of our very sustenance. I foresee the end of paper books as we now know them with all of the easy accessibility in the virtual world becoming so popular. I, too, have my safety net of books surrounding my bed and bedside table.

  9. Thank you Lynn--quilts are some of my favorite food for inspiration.

    Blue Sky-Wonderful to hear from you again!

    I can imagine your delight Phoenix, at cracking a book that is not required reading. I remember those days!

    True Altoon, the mere presence of the books is comforting--something about the colors, the texture of the bindings, the print on the spines just beckon me to pick them up.

    Laura, I hope that you have a chance to dive into collage whole heartedly because I would love to see what unfolds.

    Paris, I like the comparison to the satellite maps of Israel. There are some intriguing possibilities there!

  10. this is a beautiful piece Hannah - the colors are so rich, and make me think of all the phases a tree, a life, goes through.
    I can so relate to what you are saying about sticking with a book and getting through it. I used to be easily a book a week person, and now I drag, and have to reread, and find my attention moving from one to another - not good! I hadn't made the facebook/blog twittery connection, but think you are right on - thanks!!

  11. Love this Hannah. Beautiful thought.

  12. Timely post about reading, I've dedicated the last couple of weeks to evening reading. 'tis lovely.
    Your work is beautiful, and I've enjoyed reading the comments above. I too thought at first it was a quilt, it has a lovely layered feel.
    Thanks so much for sharing your artwork with us.

  13. Hi Hannah
    A glorious Tree of Life's New Leaf...glimmery and shimmery like a tree moving through her cycles and seasons.

    I sieze the 'teaching moment' when a young one wants to throw away a piece of paper. I stop and ask us to relate to where a piece of paper comes from...when the answer "from trees" comes up you can feel the Aha circulate through the studio. Reverence for the Trees of Life...thanks for the beauty.

  14. Thank you Karin--so good to hear from you. I appreciate you adding your thoughts on reading:)

    Diana--thank you!

    Patty--I realized that often, the quilts inspire the panels and the panels turn around and inspire the quilts-we've got a cycle going here!

    Donna--I like your idea about the "teachable moment."--Thanks!

  15. I love your symbol TREE OF LIFE-- seems very necessary in these times of earth shake ups.

  16. I was thrilled to have been able to see this piece in person at the Artery. It was so beautiful, as was the other piece you displayed. The whole show was fantastic. Thank you Hannah for the work you do in the world!