Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reality and Resolutions--#2012

At this time of year, people talk a lot about resolutions, goals or even words they want to live by. My question though is "How are you going to do it?" Fortunately, you also hear about the scaffolding--the underpinning of the resolutions. Scaffolding answers the question of how do you get from point A to point B?

Last year I set myself the goal of creating a new website. I've had two websites designed in the past, and naively, I assumed that the work was in getting the site up and running. It didn't occur to me to factor in the cost of keeping the site up to date.

The Second Story Studio, my second site

Some years older now and wiser, I realized that I needed to create a site I could update myself. That meant keeping it simple without the bells and whistles attached--the really cool things that web designers come up with. No funky fonts, dark backgrounds with white type--just the straight stuff, in other words, "Gallery Minimal."

My first site: hkhunterarts

I decided to go with WordPress, a blog format that allows me to have multiple pages and, like this Blogger site, make changes and updates to my heart's content.

I hired an artist friend Chris Beers who does IT and design for our local gallery, the Pence, and together we figured out a way to create a clean site where the colors of my pieces sparkle. We even included two tutoring sessions so that I could learn to do it myself.

So there I was with my squeaky clean site and a host of new jpegs to load on. The only thing is, that between the time when I learned the tools (before the holidays,) and when I was ready to employ them (after the holidays ), I simply forgot how.

I remembered my secret weapon--a book Chris had recommended: Teach Yourself Visually: WordPress. I picked it up and decided to have a go at it. I dreaded the thought. Me and instructions...hmmm...kind of like my ninth grade Algebra course--never know where I'm going to end up...

Using an old study trick, I looked at my watch and decided to read for half an hour with studio time as a break. I kvetched inwardly. Oi vey, the terms: trackbacks and feedbacks and permalinks! The funny thing was, fifteen minutes later, I was swimming with the permalinks. I even got into it so much, I brought it along to a doctor's appointment with me.

So, I'm learning to load on the jpegs and pretty soon, I'll be able to launch my site...As Billy Crystal noted in Analyze This, "It's a process."

Welcome to my home away from home: an online studio where you can see my artwork,
find inspiration and read about my double life as an artist and art therapist.
The new kid on the block:
                         Copyright 2012, Hannah Klaus Hunter.  All rights reserved.  All artwork & material on this site is copyrighted by the artist.


  1. Bravo for learning new things! Can't wait to see the results.

  2. Oh Hannah, I can SO relate to losing what you learned just because you could not apply it quickly enough to get it to stick. I had not heard of that WordPress book and think I will go find it. Need help making things stick as well! But we're on the right track, no? Congratulations on your diligence.

  3. Well done Hannah. So many people helped me get my website up and running but now when i want to add new images I'm wondering if I will know how.... so you are not alone :-)

  4. Thanks all of you! I think the biggest gift I've received from creating this website is the impetus to learn something new--over and over again!

  5. Yeah for you! I look forward to seeing the new site! Wordpress is great.

  6. I am a little intimidated by wordpress - so congratulations! You should feel great about this. I checked out the site and it looks fantastic! I am very impressed that your blogger blog shows up in the site. I have a template site and don't think I can do that. Well done! Great way to start the year!

  7. Why thanks Claudine and Dianne! Dianne--I figured out how to transfer the blogger posts yesterday by reading the "Teach Yourself Visually" book--it is quite helpful...

  8. Congratulations Hannah. One more tool in your mighty toolbox. Woo hoo!!

  9. Congratulations Hannah! Moving forward, taking each step as necessary...proud day when you launch this baby! I have a few new year challenges and today you are my hero!

  10. Your website is looking so nice. It looks like you have put the before holiday and after holiday knowledge together. It is most impressive. Best to you in the new year...b

  11. How exciting. I know it is going to be visually stimulating--- can't wait to see the polished proDuct!

  12. Thank you Patty--as I log on, I notice that blogger has a new look too...

    Thanks Blue Sky--I'm happy to be a hero: )

    Not quite Beth--but I'm getting there...the book is making some confusing things clear--thanks for your support. You've been part of this all along.

    Maddy--wow--thanks for the vote of confidence!