Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day's End

At the end of the day, ideas gather. The hours of February 13th lay unfurled behind me and all of the things I wanted to do or dreamed of doing collect into this wonderfully rich compost. The ideas I've been holding inside of me combine with my regret that I didn't try them out--and I'm off. This is where inspiration begins.


  1. No regrets mom its not worth it. go for the gold it will all be okay, one day at a time, you will get through this. Do the best you can and that is enough.

  2. About the above: my daughter briefly tried to comment and used my identity! Good words none the less...

  3. Yes, lots of thinking, dreaming, goes into creating...I went to bed thinking of work I want to do on an art quilt I am working on now, and yet I am sitting at my computer this morning reading others blog posts, leaving comments, not getting to my art making...OKAY, NOW I GO...CREATE! Let it be good!!!!

    See ya manana...looking forward to getting together.