Sunday, March 7, 2010

Teaching A SoulCollage® Workshop

Someone recently asked me to teach a workshop on SoulCollage®. It had been some time since I've taught a class on this method designed by Seena Frost, a therapist in Santa Cruz, CA.  The process combines intuition and images and results in small 5" x 8" collage cards. Made over time, these cards accrue to become a deck of personal cards, which like playing cards, contain four different suits. Each card holds its own unique energy, particular to the person who made it.  Because the process bypasses the conscious mind, the meaning of the card imparts itself over time, much like a dream.

So it was this afternoon.  Five women gathered together to explore the Community suit; those people in our lives with whom we are in relationship whether intimately or from a distance. Images where laid out along a window shelf, stacked in boxes and hidden within piles and piles of magazines. Xacto knives and glues were at the ready and scissors waited patiently. "What would emerge" I wondered? I asked myself if I'd been able to convey the idea of letting the images "pick you," but SoulCollage® didn't disappoint. At the end of the afternoon, each women's card held the essence of an important and beloved person in their life.

My gratitude to Lynn Cohen who generously shared her pictures of the class with me.


  1. Hannah, just to let you know I came home so glad I'd been a part of your class today. I have the urge to make more cards, honor more family members; search for pictures to save and use; in fact I found some junk mail I started to toss into the recyle bin and said "No, wait, that might be useful in a collage sometime." Really. You have me on a new path. Also, I have my photos of the day scheduled to be posted on my blog tomorrow. if anyone is interested. Thanks again.

  2. It looks like another great event. You really have a gift. Talk soon.